turning trash into treasure

Turning Trash into Treasure


Three R’s that will increase the sustainability of our planet. It’s 2021, and most of us are doing our part to reduce where we can. How turning trash into treasure can help us. We have cut down on our use of paper towels in favor of cotton dishtowels, we bring our own bags to the grocery store each week, and we travel everywhere with reusable water bottles. Many of us have found creative ways to reuse the products in our everyday life; maybe we try to buy used products, fix damaged items instead of disposing of them, and even repurpose some of our empty containers in our homes.

When it isn’t possible to REDUCE or REUSE, the 3rd R becomes essential. RECYCLE. We do it, our kids do it, and we may even complain about those who don’t do it, but how many of us actually understand why we use our recycling service? What is the true benefit of using a waste and recycling service? The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) gives us 4 clear reasons why we should be recycling.

RECYCLING reduces waste sent to landfills and incinerators.

Simply put, recycling reduces the amount of trash sent to landfills and incinerators. According to Stanford University, American’s discard 7.5lbs of garbage every day. Most of this is hauled to landfills where it is buried and left to pollute our groundwater. The rest of the waste will be sent to an incineration site where it will be burned and ultimately pollute our air. Not to mention, incineration is the most expensive form of waste disposal.  A recycling pick-up service will take your unwanted goods to a place where they can do good.

RECYCLING conserves natural resources.

Our planet is being depleted of its natural resources; drilling for oil to make petroleum, deforestation caused by harvesting trees for paper, and the mining of aluminum are all leading to a drastic reduction in our precious natural resources. By using a recycling service to recycle our paper, cans, and bottles, we can increase the productivity for the entire lifecycle of this waste, which will cut costs drastically and, on a large scale, reduce the waste we make.

RECYCLING saves energy.

Making materials from scratch is very energy expensive. By using materials already extracted from the earth, our energy consumption is impactfully decreased. For example, it takes the same amount of energy to make one new aluminum can as it does to make 20 recycled cans. Similarly, making paper from fresh pulp uses 40% more energy than creating recycled paper. This is one reason so many commercial entities are contracting with recycling services for business; by committing to a recycling program, they can make a big difference in their annual energy assessment.


RECYCLING increases economic security, supports manufacturing, and creates jobs.

We save money when we use domestic goods for manufacturing. Our trash is one of America’s most significant domestic resources, and we are creating new products from it! As we manufacture these goods, we are also creating jobs. We can turn our plastic water bottles into playground equipment and clothing, our aluminum cans into car parts, and our moving boxes into colorful cereal boxes, paper towels, and printer paper. Scientists are continually coming up with ways to make our recycled trash into treasure.

So next time you watch your recycling waste service drive away with your cans and bottles, remember, you are conserving our resources, creating jobs, and giving this waste a chance at a new life.

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