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GreenWorks remains a visionary leader in the recycling industry by taking a holistic approach to residential & commercial recycling services and understanding that we need to address the entire process to make an impact. We can create a custom recycling program for you. Or we can process truckloads of mixed recycling materials from recycling pick-up services. We can even design educational tours and programs to teach all ages about the importance of recycling.

  • commercial recycling services
    Backed by years of experience in recycling, GreenWorks has the expertise to consult with your business or municipality to create a recycling plan that will achieve your sustainability goals, reduce waste, and save money while maximizing efficiency.
    As leaders in the Recycling industry, our quality services, efficient processing, and cost-effective solutions make us the choice of waste management companies all over New England and New York. We can offer creative solutions, convenient hours, and unparalleled attention to detail.
  • commercial recycling services
    At GreenWorks , we developed our state-of-the-art facility with education in mind. Open for tours and field trips, GreenWorks knows that teaching our children about recycling today will make them great recyclers tomorrow.

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Are you a hauling company looking for a recycling center? Do you need waste management and residential & commercial recycling services? Would you like to set up an educational tour of our facility? Whatever the question, one of our trained professionals will be happy to help.