For a GREENER tomorrow,
EDUCATE today.

Kids understand the positive impact of recycling on our environment. With continued education, they will develop an environmentally sensitive attitude and actively participate in environmentally protective behaviors. Recycling education empowers students. It builds confidence and fosters the belief that we can directly impact the health of our planet.  Teaching kids the 3 Rs: REDUCE. REUSE. RECYCLE. arms them with tools to make our resources last and our world thrive.

At Greenworks, we have built our business on sustaining the planet, and we believe one of the key pillars in creating a greener tomorrow is investing in education today.

Take a TOUR.

Many schools have a recycling unit built into their STEM curriculum. Our hands-on learning programs will enhance those lessons by creating memorable, unique learning experiences. Students can tour the processing plant and get a firsthand look at the recycling journey. Our state-of-the-art viewing platform was built with young learners in mind. Students will have the opportunity to observe the sorting process and ask our industry experts questions about recycling.

Contact us to learn more and schedule a tour.


Don’t have a waste reduction curriculum? Don’t worry; Greenworks can help you put together a grade-appropriate curriculum that will be interesting, fun, and memorable for your students. Good recycling habits start early; Greenworks can help.


Educators can supplement their sustainability lessons with our downloadable activities. From gardening to energy conservation, our resources cover a broad range of topics. You can also browse our media library, where you will find video content to bolster your lectures and assist your students in absorbing this critical information.


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