America Recycles Day: Reflecting on overlooked benefits of recycling

The 15th of November is America Recycles Day… yes, that’s actually a “thing” and it has been in existence since 1997! In 2019, America Recycles Day was officially recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the U.S. government.

The tradition of this day is what you would expect: encourage others to recycle, ensure you are recycling all that you can, and improve your practices in whatever way possible which has been overwhelmingly successful. In 1960, a mere 7% of the population was recycling! Today, that number has surged to a whopping 32% of the population.

I don’t want to bore you with mundane recycling factoids, however, I did think today would mark the perfect occasion to discuss a couple of overlooked benefits of recycling; with any luck, these statistics may encourage you even further to partake in Massachusetts recycling.



One impact of recycling that does not immediately come to mind for most is the number of jobs that the recycling industry creates. In the U.S. alone, every 1,000 tons of materials for recycling accounts for 1.17 jobs. I was shocked when I read that, as I had never really honed in on any impact other than the obvious preservation of Mother Earth. But, this is a big one and something that should be recognized and appreciated. I would have never thought that recycling near me could help in this way. However, recycling and reuse activities currently account for 681,000 jobs and 37.8 billion in wages!

The next time you are feeling bothered or irritated by any part of the curbside recycling requirements, please remember those workers that are greatly impacted the residential recycling program in your city. Contact your town hall to find out about residential recycling bins and recycling centers near you.



Who doesn’t love a good beach day? We all do. However, no one enjoys seeing the plastic that is polluting our oceans. Whether it’s a plastic bottle, a plastic cup, or any small plastic item, the damage is done. As the amount of trash on the beach continues to grow, it’s easy to feel frustrated and helpless.

I have good news for you. YOU can be part of the solution. When plastic waste isn’t recycled properly, it can easily find its way into our oceans and waterways. So, RECYCLE your plastic bottles and containers; one less piece of plastic in our ocean, equating to a healthier ecosystem and food sources.

I have enjoyed celebrating America Recycles Day by talking to you about some of the other benefits you are bringing to people, our economy, and our ecosystem, by taking part in recycling pickup services. I hope knowing what a real impact you can make will increases your drive to recycle in your own home!

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