Commercial and Residential Recycling Services
Commercial and Residential Recycling Services

Your Partner for a Greener Future

At GreenWorks processing facility, we carefully inspect, weigh, clean, and bale the recycled materials before shipping them off to a manufacturing or milling facility, where they are transformed into new products. As one of the largest recycling centers in New England, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Each shipment of glass, plastic, metal, paper, or cardboard we receive will be thoroughly sorted by our state-of-the-art machinery and staff. At GreenWorks we are proud of our commitment to sustainability. As a result, our recycling services and processing facility are trusted by the area’s premier hauling companies because they can depend on us for the highest level of service.

Committed to Sustainability

As a committed recycler, you do your best to separate plastics and glass from non-recyclable materials. We know this because the nation’s composting and recycling rate has nearly doubled since 1990. This increase has directly impacted pollution and the depletion of our natural resources, but more needs to be done. By expertly processing the recyclable material that comes into our facility, we increase the recovered materials manufactured into new products. In addition, using salvaged materials in manufacturing keeps us from depleting our natural resources, conserving energy, and reducing pollution. As the numbers below show, GreenWorks is making a difference every day in preserving valuable recycling services and resources.  So, give that water bottle a new start, throw it in the bin and have your recycling pick-up service bring it to GreenWorks.

  • 154801303.42466
    kWh of energy
  • 374130.30410959
    barrels of oil
  • 2245434.9342466
    Btu's of energy
  • 175822.73972603
    cubic yards of landfill space
  • 1510374.6575342
    pounds of air pollutants being released
  • 171030136.9863
    gallons of water
  • 415358.90410959

Process. Consult. Educate.

At GreenWorks, we take a holistic approach to the recycling process, understanding that we need to address the entire process to make an impact.

We PROCESS. Our recycling processing is fast and effective. We give our hauler clients individual attention and excellent service at a competitive price. We feel that the cost of recycling should not get in the way of doing good for our planet.

We CONSULT. If you are a Massachusetts based business or municipality in need of a reliable recycling plan, our team of professionals will design a complete recycling program that is right for you. Residential recycling, business recycling, commercial waste, and recycling, we can handle it all!

We EDUCATE. Local educators come to us for personalized tours of the facility, community programming, and downloadable resources. GreenWorks is committed to the big picture.

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The Busy Recycler

We all want to recycle, but we are busy, and sometimes we forget the rules. Sarah is The Busy Recycler. Watch every month as she teaches important lessons about residential recycling and learns that we can be great recyclers even when we are busy.

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Need a Waste and Recycling Hauler?

Are you looking for a waste and recycling service? Call JRM Hauling and Recycling for waste management; we will make sure your materials are collected properly, efficiently, and handled in an environmentally friendly way.

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